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How to Reset Graphic Driver in 3 Easy Steps Reset Now

On the Task Manager window, click the Performance tab and select GPU from the list. Select Display from the System settings menu and click Advanced display settings. Download now so that you never have to worry about updating outdated drivers on Windows 10. I want to download the 810x chipset family all driver for my

How to Clear Event Viewer Logs on Windows System

That way Windows should reinstall the drivers cleanly. If you do have an alternative input device , then use that. Windows should detect the new hardware and install it regardless of what the data in the HKLM\SYSTEM branch used to be. If you don’t have an alternative input device, try plugging in your USB keyboard/mouse

How to Fix a Windows 8 1 Touchscreen That’s Unresponsive

If you ever installed or reinstalled Windows XP operating system, you probably remember the option titled Repair Windows installation that appeared during the install process. Clicking on the red X box or the grey tab x to close out of win 8.1 I get an error message from internet explorer has stopped working. A problem

How to Create Administrator Account In Windows 10

Now, this account will have admin privileges when it is logged in the next time. The selected account will now have administrator privileges. These instructions are for changing passwords for accounts residing directly on your computer, not for Active Directory passwords. This holds true even if your Active Directory account is an administrator on the

How to Fix Error 0xc00000e in Windows 10

It can extend partition without data loss. Before you proceed, consider creating a Windows 10 backup. In a worst-case scenario, you can restore your backup and try again. If you need assistant performing a clean install of Windows 10, you can use this comprehensive guide. You can also use Windows To Go to restore a

Whats the best replacement for the Windows 10 Snipping Tool? Windows 10

Seems they are now demanding what the consumer needs to use their new operating system. Also have to wonder how many iterations of Windows 11 will be offered to the public before it actually becomes a stable platform. Enterprise versions will probably be supported for longer. If you are willing to risk buying from the