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  • Now go to the Driver tab and click on the Roll Back Driver button.
  • However, you’ll need to know the service name used by the driver beforehand.
  • From the Windows Start menu, select Programs or All Programs.
  • To begin with, double-click on the downloaded EXE file to launch the setup.

To do this, we will need to open the device manager and edit the driver properties. As soon as you click the button, Windows starts to restore the previous version of the Nvidia driver. The whole process can take a few minutes and the system might restart itself several times.

How to update drivers

After installing the drivers, restart your PC. If “Error AMD Installer cannot continue due to unsupported AMD graphics hardware” appears when checking for new drivers, your AMD hardware is no longer supported by AMD with new updates. See the next section, Catalyst Software Suite installation for older AMD graphics. You may need to update your graphics drivers to resolve certain issues. I’ve used this method for years but I noticed there is a major delay in installing drivers when you have many graphics cards, I wonder if this method will install them faster. I have seen and dealt with it before and uninstalling and re-installing in device manager first then GeForce Experienced fixed the issue for me.

If they are not present there, just manually install them. Continue reading below for the step by step instructions. Driver updates mostly fix bugs and make software compatible with newer versions of the product. To get the most out of your PC, it is important to update your graphics card drivers regularly if your PC has an NVIDIA based graphics card. I installed the new graphics card, Windows recognized it and downloaded the proper drivers. However, if i try to update the drivers to the latest version, 365.10, during installation the display goes black and won’t come back until i…

Driver updates will resolve any Driver conflict issues with all devices and improve the performance of your PC. The problem Im facing currently is that I can’t even install the previous version before installing geforce experience. Manually installing the driver using Device Manager is not working too, it will just keep saying that the best version is already installed. I tried, it is still the same message coming out. “The standard NVIDIA graphics driver is not compatible with this version of Windows. Please update your driver using GeForce Experience to download the correct version”. Before you download your Nvidia graphics driver, you’ll need to know your system architecture.

What to do if Roll Back Driver is Greyed Out?

Should I download and install the latest NVidia drivers from their website or just use whatever Windows Update installs? I use the computer for digital image and video editing I don’t do any gaming on this… Click on the “Search automatically for updated driver software” option. For those that don’t do testing or aren’t tech-savvy, automatic driver updates can still be annoying as they add even more factors to consider when troubleshooting. For PC enthusiasts very in touch with their hardware and the software, having drivers automatically pushed onto your system can be a nuisance.

Part 3. Uninstall MSI Drivers Update Utility with a Third party App

NVIDIA graphics driver can be downloaded automatically and manually. However, technical knowledge is required to avoid errors while manually updating drivers. Updating drivers isn’t always about optimizing PC performance and speeding up the PC.

In this example, the guide will reinstall Intel UHD Graphics 630, but the instructions are the same for all drivers. this A window will appear asking how you want to search for available drivers. Locate the Adapter Type and Adapter Description to see your graphics card model.

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